National Space Legislation & Policy

João Marques de Azevedo

In the decades since the negotiation and drafting of the Outer Space Treaty, different countries have adopted new policies and enacted legislation addressing space activities. While States may have different approaches, there are similar components that are addressed by each countrie’s laws.

Policy and Law are used to accomodate and foster the development of space activities and ensure their compliance with each State’s law and international obligations, whislt finding ways to make establishment in their national territory more appealing for the relevant industries and companies.

At the SPARC.NSLP Research Line, we focus on the developments of Space Law & Policy at the national level, sometimes by approaching each country individually, other times by addressing the field in a comparative perspective.

Current Research Topics

  • Luxembourg and Space Law – Vinicius Aloia
  • Nordic Space Policy Developments – João Marques de Azevedo
  • French Space Law – Robin Bouvier