Space Law Course

SPARC’s Space Law Course is a first introduction to space law. It gives participants an understanding of the basic legal framework at different levels (international, european and national), but also of the challenges and opportunities offered by space and space technologies.

Each year, the last couple of days of the course feature new topics of discussion that reflect the most recent developments in space law & policy.

In our course, participants have the opportunity to learn from experts (national and international) from academia and leading professionals on the field.

The course is mostly in Portuguese, with lectures by foreign experts being held in English.

You can find more information about the upcoming course and previous editions below.

2022 Space Law Course (3rd edition)

The 3rd edition of the Space Law Course will take place from 2 May to 6 May 2022 and will be online.

As always, the course aims to be a first introduction to the field and is suitable for professionals and students alike. Besides approaching the different levels of space law, we will also address current and future challenges.

E-Learning (Online)

Cost: 180€
50% discount for NOVA School of Law students

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2 May – International Space Law: Origins, Sources and General Aspects

  • 17h30-17h45: Welcome Words & About SPARC
    Professor Francisco Pereira Coutinho, SPARC’s General Coordinator

  • 17h45-18h45: Introduction to Space Law and the Treaties: The Outer Space Treaty & The Moon Agreement*
    João Marques de Azevedo, SPARC

  • 18h45-19h00: Break

  • 19h00-20h00: Introduction to Space Law and the Treaties: Rescue & Return Agreement, Liability Convention, Registration Convention*
    João Nuno Frazão, SPARC

  • 20h00-20h45: Q&A + The Future of Space Law Treaties*
    João Marques de Azevedo + João Nuno Frazão, SPARC

*In Portuguese


3 May – European and National Perspectives

  • 18h00-19h00: European Space Agency & Space Law
    Marco Ferrazzani, Head of the Legal Services Department, European Space Agency (ESA)

  • 19h00-20h00: European Union & Space Law*
    João Nuno Frazão, SPARC

  • 20h00-20h15: Break

  • 20h15-21h00: Roundtable | National perspectives of Space Law
    Ian Grosner, Procurador Federal no Brasil
    Robin Bouvier, SPARC
    João Nuno Frazão, SPARC
    Vinicius Aloia, SPARC

*In Portuguese


4 May – UN & Space: Past, Present and Future

  • 18h00-19h00: United Nations & The Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space*
    Olavo Bittencourt Neto, UNISANTOS and Leiden University

  • 19h00-20h00: International Telecommunications Union & Telecommunications Law*
    Pedro Ferreira, ANACOM

  • 20h00-20h15: Break

  • 20h15-21h00: Militarisation & Peaceful Uses of Outer Space*
    Manuel Poêjo Torres, SPARC
    Lt. Col. Pedro Miguel da Silva Costa, Portuguese Air Force & Portugal Space

*In Portuguese


5 May – Space Activities: Regulation, Policy & Economy

  • 18h00-19h00: Key Issues in International Space Policy and Regulation
    Kai-Uwe Schrogl, President of the International Institute of Space Law

  • 19h00-20h00: Outer Space Sustainability*
    Paula de Castro Silveira, SPARC

  • 20h00-20h15: Break

  • 20h15-21h00: Space Economy & Industry*
    José Ricardo Aguilar, SPARC & ESA BIC Portugal

*In Portuguese


6 May – Current Trends and Future Challenges in Space Law

  • 17h15-18h15: The New Satellite Constellations
    Ruth Pritchard-Kelly, OneWeb

  • 18h15-19h00: Commercial Aspects of On-Orbit Servicing
    Vinicius Aloia, SPARC

  • 19h00-19h15: Break

  • 19h15-20h00: Legal Aspects of Space Resources Exploitation
    João Marques de Azevedo, SPARC

  • 20h00-20h45: Privatisation of Space Activities
    Robin Bouvier, SPARC

Note: Programme subject to changes


Previous Editions

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