Become a SPARC member

In accordance with the Statutes (in Portuguese), in order to obtain the quality of member of SPARC it is required to:

  • have working knowledge of the Portuguese language;
  • demonstrate interest and ability to contribute to SPARC’s mission and objectives;
  • obtain the Board’s approval; and
  • fill out the proper form (to be given after the Board’s approval).

You can find here the current SPARC members.

Become a SPARC collaborator

In accordance with the Statutes (in Portuguese), there is also the possibility to become a collaborator.

Collaborators may be admitted should you not be able to fulfill one or more of the requirements for membership (above), in so far as you may be a part of one or more of our research projects. Within these, junior collaborators which have yet to finish their bachelors degree are also admissible, provided they are under the supervision of a SPARC member.

Should you wish to become a member or collaborator at SPARC, please contact us at