Manuel Poêjo Torres

Manuel Poêjo Torres is an expert in Hybrid Warfare and a Research Fellow at the Institute for Political Studies of the Catholic University of Portugal. He is a PhD. Candidate in Political Science, Security and Defence at the same university, and holds an MA in Strategic Studies from the University of Reading (UK), having defended his thesis on Planetary Space Defence. 

Professionally, Manuel serves NATO since 2013 and has authored several multi-domain high-visibility Allied Joint Exercises. Manuel has been a member of the NATO HQ’s International Staff serving the Defence Investment Division as the Coordinator of NATO’s Main Armament Groups (NAAG, NAFAG and NNAG) while having the privilege of serving as Secretary to the Capability Defence Executive Board (CDEB), chaired by the Deputy Secretary-General of NATO. 

Throughout his international career, Manuel has worked with several committees to support the development of NATO’s Allied Space Policy.

Theses & Dissertations

  • TORRES, Manuel Poêjo, Might extra-terrestrial threats to planet Earth be so menacing that, in the face of them, humanity would transcend its competitive nature and co-operate in the interest of survival, or would the challenge be too severe?, Dissertation to obtain a M.A. in Strategic Studies, University of Reading (Feb 2011)