Upcoming Events

In addition to workshops and courses, SPARC also promotes and encourages the organization of Industry Days, in order to connect the different sectors related to space, such as business and industry, regulatory and law.

Space Start-Ups: Law and Practice

Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) and SPARC have the pleasure to announce Space Start-Ups: Law and Practice. This event will be held on 15 May 2019, 9h30-17h30, at Edifício D, IPN, Coimbra, Portugal.

This event aims to provide Portuguese Space Start-Ups within the aerospace sector with the essential and basic knowledge of the several Law areas that are relevant to their activity, in a theoretical, but mostly practical, perspective. With this event, IPN and SPARC aim to contribute to the further connection and synergy between Law, Technology, Science and Economy and promote a successful space sector.

This event will be in Portuguese and is open to the general public.

Free but prior registration required. Register here: https://bit.ly/2v4TNZB

You can find the program (in Portuguese) below.


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